2008 reflections

My family has been a continued source of blessing for me.
My wife continues to become the best cook she can be, cooking some incredible food, and demonstrating her spiritual gift of hospitality.
My son is growing into a great, well balanced, loving son.
My daughter is growing into a beautiful little girl, and this year I took her to swimming lessons, and saw her develop the courage to start to swim on her own.

2008 has truly been the best year of our church life
We have merged with Inglewood Church of Christ and become Inglewood Community Church
We have started meeting at the Inglewood Civic Centre, which has seen us become a more visible presence in the community, and start to attract visitors on a consistent basis….People know where we are, and when we meet. We run programs such as the Artisan Markets, which are an incredible outlet for community presence.

I have learnt how to use Photoshop and Sony Vegas, two great high end programs which have helped me become more efficient and professional in my work.

Personal prayer, devotion and holiness…..these are aspects of my life I continue to work on.

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