For the last two weeks….

I have not worn a pair of shoes….not even once.

Bare feet most of the time….sometimes beach sandals when the sand was hot.

The Vitardis performed admirably with no hiccups….and I did not have to slow down for the 90 Kilometre sign in some of the towns. 🙂

We spent a week with some good friends in Bremer Bay….swimming, camping, eating great food on our new Coleman Grill, eating fresh doughnuts, catching some good Bull Herring, helping my son snorkel and tackle the surf on his boogie board, and my daughter enjoy swimming in the quiet bays around Bremer.

I enjoyed tearing around the beach in the Vitara, window down, Australian Crawl playing in my new cd player…..If you look carefully you can see all our cars….and the only one bogged was the Mitsubishi….

Then off to Denmark for a few days, just our family for a relaxing time at the Ocean Beach Caravan Park. It has good ablutions…and it was a relaxing time spent exploring Denmark, climbing trees at Walpole and enjoying some excellent coffee at the best coffee shop I found down South, they served 5 Senses…..

Finally we spent three days with some good friends at Bridgetown. It was hot, but we enjoyed a wonderful meal at the cidery, and a number of the excellent beers. The Pale Wheat Beer was the best, especially on the hot afternoon as my mate and I enjoyed the joys of conversation while the wives took the kids home for a nap…and we had another ale or two.
Then a very hot drive home….hit 100 Kmp/h once or twice when we had a backwind and a good hill….but mostly we averaged about 90 k’s in hot wind hitting our very non-aerodynamic vehicle.

5 thoughts on “For the last two weeks….”

  1. Nice photos Mark – sounds like a great time!!!

    Makes me laugh all those 4 wheel drives 200 m from the carpark on the beach!!! All the sand and crap dragged through the motor because you can’t walk 200m!!!! Hah!!!

    WE do the same – my family have no respect, 4 buckets of sand dragged in per stop. We’re off to Fisheries on Thursday for 5 nights – looking forward to it BIG TIME.

    Fishing, boarding, meal at the pub, tennis and a bit of 4 wheel driving out to Peppies along the track on the way in and back along the beach – last time I got that bogged I thought the Patrol was going to be a dive wreck but a Tojo came to our rescue …

    Have a great year mate!!! All relaxed and ready to rock and roll.

  2. You too…..thats funny about the 200 metres….its actually one of the key reasons we like Bremer…ha ha ha ha……and yes…the vacum cleaner at Denmark will never be the same after I sucked about 5 litres of sand into it… 🙂

  3. Hey Mark, Nice to hear you had great time, you deserve it. I like the new look blog too mate. Looking forward to journeying together in ’09.

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