Why I do this blog

One reason is to have an online journal of my life.
I wanted to find an old post, and found this one instead.


In it I talk about my holidays that year with the family. And there are some pictures uploaded. One of them is of Clem standing next to a lifesize model of Aaron Sandilands. Even taking into account he is standing next to the 211 cm Dockers Ruckman, he still looks short. Thats cause he has grown a lot the past few months.
Time with your children is so precious, and goes so quick.

‘God give me the strength and wisdom and grace and enablement to be the parent you want me to be, a loving father, a caring husband, a priest to the Edwards family”

One thought on “Why I do this blog”

  1. raja, October 17, 2012 at 5:19 am Dear Brother in Christ, Will be helpful if you could also post the crchuhes in cities details (with number of saints in each city) moreover the prayer request for which are the cities we are praying for the Lord to open His testimoney. We love to be one with the body in our prayers. Bro Raja (Church in Chennai)

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