Divorce and overworked husbands

Thanks to Mike O’Neil for bringing this to my attention.

The Australian Newspaper has a stirring and challenging article on the fastest growing reason women are seeking a divorce from their husband. It is not violence, infidelity or even bad personal habits, but husbands who are ‘married to the job’. Its not that they are having an affair with the secretary, but rather having an affair with their own need for success. The article does not actually give the percentage breakdown for this reason, but does say it has more than trebled.

As in many areas of human behaviour, this is full of contradictions. If a man works hard and long hours to get ahead financially at the expense of his marriage, he will soon find himself in a terrible financial situation. Reality is that the scriptures speak to us deeply in Ecclesiastes, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

There is something very powerful about two people united in their spiritual, social and even economic goals. When that is broken, a lot of strength, and lets be frank, a lot of money, is lost.
The very thing we chase, is the very thing that will be destroyed if we chase it at the expense of relationships. Life is all about relationships, and if you care about your financial situation, you should invest time into your relationships, they are precious.

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