Dockers…..ready to go

Watching a bunch of overpaid wimps running around with oversize pillows on their shoulders to protect their fragile egos made me a little bit excited about the real footy season ahead.

The Fremantle Dockers have a pre season scratch match on tonight, and it will be interesting to see how it goes. Press have been reporting that the Dockers have had a very hard pre-season, with the impetus being the need to redress the last quarter fadeouts that plagued us last year. If we had been able to turn a few of those 10 points or less losses into wins…anything could have happened….. (sigh)

Unusually for the press at this time of year, we are not installed as pre-season favourites along with other much more qualified teams. Maybe thats a good sign.

Tarrant is not injured, Hasleby is back, Pavlich is a superstar, and likely to play a more ‘James Hird midfield fix it” type role.

Grover is the leagues most underated defender, and hopefully has put the emotional and personal turmoil of last year behind him. Mr Pharlin is awesome.

With the best ruckman in the AFL (Cox is heavily overated)…and the best first year player of 2008 at his feet, Hasleby picking up the spoils, Hedland fit and firing…..who knows?

I have my new membership card…I am ready….

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