Jam Central kicks off in a huuuuuge way

It just seems that everything is coming together at the moment….there is this synergy as God’s hand of blessing is over us. We had 67 kids at Jam Central this morning…but about 40% of them were new to the group! How does that happen when you do ABSOLUTLEY NO ADVERTISING. Seriously…none. And 95% of them don’t come to church.

We did not even do a massive mail out this year like we have before….and it was at a new location….

Looking over these parents, observing their parenting styles….and their great spiritual needs, we are so blessed.

But it comes with great responsibility and great work.
We need to make time to form relationships and friendships.
We need to share Gods love with them, and a purpose for living.

God is good and His mercies and blessings are abundant, but we cant sit down, there is no time for deciding what we should do….He has shown and told us what to do.

A prayer….God continue to give us the passion, power, discernement and wisdom we need to be about Your business. Protect us from the evil one…who must be hating what You are doing at Inglewood….
And thanks God…what a privilege!

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