Marketing your church

Your church is is people.

You might have magnificent buildings, you may have great coffee….but if you do not have people who are genuinely concerned about their community, you have nothing.

However….you do need to let people know you exist. The message we have to share is the best and most important message in the world! God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives. Jesus Christ is Lord….and making Him Lord of our lives brings about joy and peace!

How to let people in the community know about your church is a challenge. I dont think paid ads do much. They may help, but they are not the solution. I think we need a multi focused approach. Our churches should organise, run…..lead community events. They should advertise these well….be involved in the community, having community people work alongside us!

We run the Artisan Markets at Inglewood….It is awesome! Here is a story (stories are so much better than ads….SO MUCH better) that ran in this weeks local paper.

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