New Laptop

Thanks to insurance……yes I can….

I did not have much…if any choice in it….it was a new for old replacement…and had to be an Acer. Fortunately this one does appear to be considerably more robust than my previous one…which had a fragile screen and keyboard (and the internet would confirm that in forum groups!).

It does have a nice screen, 250 gb hdd and 2 gb ram…..and a good quick dual core processor.
Oh….and its better than my co workers….which is probably the most important thing…. 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Laptop”

  1. Vista or XP?

    I just got a new laptop (Dell) yesterday. VERY nice.

    Unfortunately has Vista and don’t REALLY have an option to change. My new laptop has 4gig RAM…most versions of XP can’t utilise more than 3, so unless I upgraded to the best XP i’d just lose RAM.

    Spent an hour tweaking Vista…it’s actually pretty damn good for me now!

    Love new Tech:)

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