Mc Donalds Vs Starbucks and your small church

This is the ad in which Mc Donalds taunts Starbucks over the price of their coffee.

The price is not the problem, Starbucks has not realised that mass produced coffee is rubbish. You can’t produce a good product with a manual and a 16-18 year old who is ‘able to work weekends’.

You need a Barrista to make good coffee….and you need a fresh, and freshly ground product.

As for McDonalds…..that is not coffee…that is brown muck served up in a polysterene cup….
This has application for smaller churches….ones under 200 people.
I will go time and time again to a good coffee shop. Nearly all the good ones, the ones that give good service, are those that are not larger, and the owner is often the manager, or is at least hands on at some level. I reckon the same may be true of small churches.
I do think small churches have their limitations. My own church is transitioning into a medium sized church, at least for Australia. If you are too small, it makes it difficult to service your communities needs. We run the following programs which are meeting community needs, and probably 95% of the people who come, do not come to our church. Toddler Jam (67 Kids, 60 adults) Kids Jam (30+ kids, 30 adults) …95% from the community. The Artisan Markets (maybe 600-1000) people come on average, Pictures in the Park (about 300+), Words works wonders (welfare/craft group 20 people)…..and some others as well.
We could not do this if we did not have people who love God, and who want to bless our community. But as we continue to grow, we need to be aware of the ‘McChurch” issues, and keep it genuine, and personal…..we care about people above all things.

2 thoughts on “Mc Donalds Vs Starbucks and your small church”

  1. God is the one who decides who pastors the big churches and who doesn’t. There is nothing wrong with big churches. When God gives someone a big church, it is because it is His will for them to. God loves you and is not going to give you one until you are ready. He’ll make sure that you’ll be the greatest pastor that ever lived if you wanted to be. But you have to learn. It takes time. I love you in the Lord and Ill be praying for you brother.



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