Seating…..and atmosphere

I have not met a Senior Pastor yet who is worth his salt that does not get the whole ‘seating’ thing.
How…where…in what format a room is set up…is important!
We only have to look at God’s complicated instructions for His house of worship to know this.

At Inglewood we have been having real issues with seating….too many people, not enough room.
Okay….there is enough room if we are all squished in.
Last week, just as the service finished, I got up and gently encouraged/asked the folk if they could possibly get to church early…and sit down the front, I even said I would put lollies on the front two pews!

This week we moved all the musicians onto the stage, with just the leader and singers down on the level part. I debated whether to put them up high on the stage, but the crowd is still not large enough to have to do this, and I don’t like being up high looking over people, I like to look them straight in the eye, be on eye level with people. We may have to change this at some point.

Anyhoo…..I put some Fantails on the front two pews, and they did fill up. Because we had moved everyone foward, we had some space at the back… least until everyone came in. Then we were full again. Its amazing. We truly are experiencing sustained growth.

It felt full this morning, but not uncomfortably full…..whew! We needed to make space. I am believing that very soon we will need to make more space….there are new friends coming and staying every week.

2 thoughts on “Seating…..and atmosphere”

  1. I think one of the least understood & under utilised leadership roles/positions in growing churches is the assimilation pastor – should be up there with the kid's pastor, MD & youth pastor IMHO… so Mark a question … who is yours?

  2. I could not agree more John, something we have realised in the last six months. Hillsong church have stated that their assimiliation team is the most important team they have, more important than worship team!

    My associate has just moved into that role… is part time along with other roles he does.

    We have two full time and one part time staff member at the moment, and that is seriously pushing it…but it is something we need to do.

    (we have a two day a week childrens pastor, no youth pastor, no administrator… 🙂 )

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