Predictions for the 2009 Season

Okay…the 2009 season is upon us…

After watching an experienced and determined Richmond defeat Freo by 3 points….and my third cup of coffee…I am ready for my 2009 predictions.
I got at least one right last year, Palmer did indeed pick up the Rising Star. Unfortunately most of the others were wrong after the Dockers suffered a pretty dissapointing season.
I was right about Hawthorn….they did well…and I was right about Woosha Wiperblades….he did say nothing, but was fawned over by 6peagle….
Unfortunately neither Freo nor the Saints gave the finals a shake….maybe this year…find our below.

1. Stephen Hill is a gun, better than Rich, and will win the Rising Star
2. Chris Mayne will develop into a more consistent player
3. Tarrant will repay the faith showed in him
4. Pavlich will start to dominate games with his mate Hasleby
5. Hawthorn wont maintain their form, and will dissapoint
6. Geelong will continue to fade
7. Port Adelaide will implode, and Mark Williams might face the sack
8. Richmond will dissapoint their fans, and yet Wallace will be re-signed
9. Port Adelaide will collect the spoon
10. North Melbourne will be the big riser
11. Freo will make the top four, but miss out on the big one
12.West Coast will still suck

3 thoughts on “Predictions for the 2009 Season”

  1. Well, for me at least, number 8 can’t happen. He will not (virtually under any circumstances) have his contract renewed unless we make finals – and for a 25 year old who hasn’t seen his team in more than two finals series in his lifetime: making the finals will not be a disappointment.

  2. 1) Hille is good but Rich will out shine him in the long run.
    2) over rated
    3) again over rated
    4) If Pav plays in the middle he will star at the dockers demise.
    5) A lot will depend if Buddy can get on the park
    6) totally agree, forward line over rated
    7) Best thing they could do is get rid of Williams
    8) They are destined to be the 9th best side 😛
    9) ohh big prediction
    10) nope, Brisbane or Carlton will be. Nth dont have players who can win games.
    11) now your dreaming
    12) unfortunately your probably right. between 10th and 14th…

  3. you’ve got to be kidding about # 11 ?????
    Bris and Carl to rise, S.Hill will only go D (down Hill?

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