how to attract people to your church…

One of my best mates has this on his church website…presumably to attract people to the service.

“We have air-con!”

That is so funny…so does the local pub mate..and other places!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

You know who you are!!!

6 thoughts on “how to attract people to your church…”

  1. much of the stuff found in a local church can be found “over the road” … coffee, friendship, group singing, et al … perhaps even God.

  2. some would say there is as much, if not more, of a sense of community amongst a group of believers on a mission, every weekend in the bleachers at the footy 😉

  3. I visitied that site too. The joke was clearly lost on you Mark … but you rembered the site and even posted about it on your blog! It may be corny but THAT is effective advertising buddy. You could learn a few things from that guy 🙂

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