good day in church….

It was a good day in church today…good crowd in, some visitors….
We took some time out of our communion time to remember the bushfire victims, a minute silence.

We have also been raising money for the appeal, will total it up and let you know how we did it this week.

I shared the story about how Jesus responded to a natural, and a unnatural disaster in His day. He did not explain why it happened, but he did clarify to people that it was not because people were being judged, bad stuff does happen in our world….

Our worship leader reminded us to pray for those who were left behind, they are the ones suffering now, the initial shock is gone,and they are ones who have to go on with living, without the ones they loved and knew with them.

Someone who went through the Cyclone Tracy distaster said something profound to me today as well, “no one compares houses when they are all piled up together at the rubbish tip”.

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