Eagles deserve it….

Someone left this doll on my desk tonight…so it needed to suffer…. 🙂

This is where their season is headed….

And I am sure they are going to get this……

7 thoughts on “Eagles deserve it….”

  1. They were trying to do you a good turn by giving you that doll, hoping you’ll see the light 🙂 Obviously you are still in darkness 😛

  2. I gave my Pastor an Eagles doormat one time. He was quite surprised as we had had many ‘discussions’ about my passion for Freo — till I explained that now I could wipe my feet on West Coast everytime I went to his house.
    In retaliation, he put a musical doorbell under my seat at church — guess what it played? (WC team song — LOUDLY!) when I sat down.


    The lesson? Pastors always win, even if their team doesn’t.

  3. kick to kick….it was my daughters, and her idea…she is 4 and hates the eagles…I am bringing her up well….. 🙂
    who reckons the doll looks like Adrian Barich?? 🙂

    Toni….pastors have a public platform…so you need to be careful…they can get you back in their sermon illustrations… 🙂

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