So said Angus….in his bellowing South African Accent….
There were so many highlights…here are the key points for me.

1. Hearing 2000 plus men sing….I mean farmers, electricians, tradies, and all the city blokes….Saturday night….you had to be there to know it. I have NEVER at any conference, including Hillsong, whatever….heard a crowd demand to sing more worship songs. unbelievable And the people doing this were blokes. All the nay sayers out there who reckon Aussie blokes wont sing…know squat. Yes it may go against our culture, but it is not against God’s culture. These blokes were men, tough strong blokes….and it was probably the most inspiring worship I have ever experienced.

2. Being involved. I worked my butt off for this conference, but with responsibility and work also comes privileges….it was fantastic to see hard work pay off as the blokes were crying, laughing, repenting…and many came to know Jesus for the first time.

3. Angus led a session just for Pastors. This was just incredible. What he said to me was perplexing, and I am still working through it…but it was quite different to what he said to others. After he had anointed me with oil and prayed for me, I sat down and just listed to what he said prophetically to other blokes, he has the supernatural gift of discernment and prophecy. Prophecy done as it should be, with real love and concern.

4. Cathing up with old mates, and some I have not seen for a while, and some new ones. Great!

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