When Leadership Goes Wrong with John Worsfold

(note to self, control yourself when posting this…so many comments….)

I was speaking to Phil Baker recently and he told me that John Worsfold is the guest speaker at this weeks “Bloke”….it is a great event put on by Riverview Church.

The title of this months ‘Bloke”?….mmmmmmm well it is entitled, “when leadership goes wrong”…..BIG MMMMMMM….and another note to self….stop typing before you get all those Eagles fans upset!!!!

But…if you are a bloke, this event is great.

The Bloke

4 thoughts on “When Leadership Goes Wrong with John Worsfold”

  1. sorry Mark but the event is themed ‘Failing forwards’…about learning from our mistakes…. Later on in the month we have our Building Business Leaders breakfast event and I will be speaking on ‘The Dark Side….when leadership goes wrong’, using examples from Hitler etc…. Mixing those two up would get me in quite a bit of trouble!
    Info for both events is on http://www.riverviewchurch.com and http://www.philbaker.net

  2. so with that title will you be asking Woosha about Lynch? :)…looking forward to my Becks on Wednesday night, trying to get some mates to come along as well…..

  3. Failing forwards…makes sense for Woosha to be interviewed then, rather than the 70,000 ‘failing backwards’ Dockers coaches;)

    Whoops, sorry, I failed in controlling my comments:P

    In all seriousness it is interesting to see Woosha speaking at yet another Christian function. I myself have been to 2 Christian functions (one entirely Christian and one run by Christian but open to anyone) that he has been guest speaker. Has been very good both times.


  4. tempted to go but alas family and own church function will mean I will miss it, listening to Phil talking about it on sonshine fm at the moment though.

    let us know what its like

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