The Living End….. Raise the Alarm

Watching Rove tonight, the band ‘The Living End’ came on and sung this song.
Extraordinary lyrics….

Lyrics to Raise The Alarm :
Wo-oh! [x8]

I do not believe in God
That doesn’t mean I’m a lesser person
I still have a heart
And I know what it feels like to be broken

I may not believe in Jesus
But I do believe in sacrifice
Life does not always stand reason
No one ever gets a chance
‘Til they’re out of time

I’d rather risk my fate
Then lose my faith
The lovin’, the hatin’
The consenceapating
The chaos that comes
Raise The Alarm

We mean it
We’ll die
Consence Denied
The Chaos that comes
Raise The Alarm

I may not believe in regrets
But I believe in self assurance
Some things I’d rather forget
We see what we choose and
We choose what we see to believe

In the name of the father,
the son,
and the holy ghost
I’m not concerned with religion
After all that whats inside
That is Smoke

However I must note this incogruity on their website when they say this in relation to the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal,
“our thoughts and prayers…. etc”

2 thoughts on “The Living End….. Raise the Alarm”

  1. I heard that song on the radio on the way home from Perth yesterday. Couldn’t quite work out all the lyrics but was actually a song I wanted to look up!

    Very interesting and inciteful. There is something deeper in that song than i think the artists would admit to.

    I find listening to the cries of peoples hearts (songs) very interesting, can tell us a lot where people are at.

  2. I know at least one person who would stop buying their music if they came out and said they were believers, which is sad.
    Personally, I haven’t heard that song, but love their style of music – White Noise is played a lot on our radio station at the local IGA.
    Thanks for sharing the snippet of lyrics, intriguing. 🙂

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