Rendering Videos for Mighty Mens

Spent this morning at Jam Central, and then this afternoon rendering videos for the Mighty Mens Conference. Watching the videos is flooding back memories to my heart and mind.
There is one scene which occured on Saturday night where the crowd screamed for more….2000 men chanting and letting the worship team know that they were not ready to stop yet. The sound quality is shocking, but because I was there…and I can hear the clapping…in time….in unison…with the clear message…it brings back the sense I had when I was there.

I was chatting with my brother in law this afternoon and he was telling me how different men from different parts of his life were also full of expression about this time.

But, as much as I am happily rendering these dvd’s and blokes who were there will ‘get it’….its pretty hard to bottle. If you were not there…you missed out.
Its a bit like the miracles of Jesus. There were plenty of people in Jesus’ day who did not get healed. They were not in the right place at the right time….or they did not want it badly enough.
I am sorry if you were not there…..dont miss it next year, if it happens. I can’t guarantee it will be the same, but if you do not place yourself in the position, if God does bless us again with such a tangible sense of His presence, you wont want to miss it.

You may not believe me, you may be cynical, fair enough. But don’t forget how much faith it took for the man’s friends to take him to the house, bust open the roof, and lower him in. Maybe a much better option would be to take the little mustard seed you have….and be there next year, God willing.

One thought on “Rendering Videos for Mighty Mens”

  1. Mark … good picture!!!
    Some from our Fellowship were there I look forward to their thoughts.

    Too true … we need to be there. Jesus said meet me on top of the mountain, He had a commission to deliver – they were not the rich, they were not the elite, they were the ones who were there. He said – to be there, they were.

    They were available … good thoughts.

    Bless you my brother.

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