Typical…. Kim Hagdorn

Kim Hagdorn in his typical style nailed his colours to the mast…yet again. In todays Sunday Times he had to come up with a reason why his precious Eagles lost to the Dockers again.
This times excuse? The umpires were to blame.

Look up the dictionary under “Dockers Bunnies” Kim, there will be a photo of the West Coast Eagles….Thats why the lost…that and the superb efforts of Sandilands and Crowley, surely one of the most underated players in the AFL…..does everyone realise that he kicked the winning goals while playing on the Eagles best player, Kerr?

It is just so bias…..sigh….but then, who am I to talk? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Typical…. Kim Hagdorn”

  1. while it is obvious the decision on THAT goal leaves a bit to be desired…the EAGLES are to blame for losing. How we could be 25 points up at the 25min mark and LOSE is beyond me. 1 umpiring decision does not overturn the fact freo kicked 5 unanswered goals in the last few minutes.

    Well done to Freo for not giving in.

  2. Though I am obviously biased at times, sometimes the ‘truth’ is the truth. Blaming umpires for that loss would not help West Coast one iota.

    Freo still suck but:P

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