Acer Aspire New Ram

For those long suffering readers of this blog you will know I recently got a new laptop, Acer Aspire 5735Z….. What you may not realise is that I have been trying to render the Mighty Mens Conference video on it…and on my PC….to try and get this laborious and time consuming job done.
The Laptop had 2 gig ram…you would think that would be enough, apparently not. The thing was running like a dog….. I have now installed 2 more gig ram, bringing it up to 4 gig, along with its dual core processor…..lets see if that helps.

4 thoughts on “Acer Aspire New Ram”

  1. mate hate to tell you this.

    but unless you have a top notch 64bit version of Vista (rare and expensive) running on 64bit hardware, your computer will only use 3.3GB of the RAM you have in your computer.

    Windows XP, base Vista and all other 32bit operating systems can only manage utilising that amount of RAM. So if it’s not fast enough don’t put anymore RAM in, because you will only be wasting your money.

    Lot’s of computer places are ripping people off these days offering more than 3GB of RAM when computers won’t recognise any more

  2. well….it was only $50 installed, as compared to $40 for 1 gig extra….so it does not really matter….and it has halved my video rendering time….
    the laptop has recognised it, telling me it has 4 gig ram…which does not mean it is utilising it all….but it certainly has made a significant difference to me!

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