Great day….

Had a great day in church today….big crowd in…which is always good….they really sung this morning, got into it! It was good to see some folk back in church and enjoying it. Our worship team seems to be getting bigger and more skilled and interesting to listen to. Good music really helps me to worship at church…there is something about it when Gods people relax and go with it….

I spoke on tha passage where Jesus explains that a seed needs to die in order to bear fruit.
It was recieved well…and I spoke on obedience at the communion time…which tied in with the theme for the day.

The Kids ministries had their ‘Supa Sunday’ and this went well…by all accounts. A lot of the teachers enjoyed having the music in for the kids, and we also attracted some more parents along, which was awesome.

Afterwards a few of us kicked on down at the Bayswater River picnic area…and Clem swam across the river to this little island he is always bugging me to be allowed to swim too…so today I let him! He loves adventure and exploring, like any boy I suppose.

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