Dockers defeat…

Not a lot to say.
Dockers played their first game today against a fast running and skilled Western Bulldogs side.

Dockers kicked a number of wayward points, that should have been goals. It would have been much more interesting if a few of those had snuck in!

Good signs.
Tarrant played well down back, having Brad Johnsons measure
Peake played his best game ever for Freo, he was everywhere, fast, skilled and kicked 3 goals.
Kepler Bradley also played well.

Hill is an awesome player, kicked a goal for his first afl kick.
Nick Suban also played really well

Sandilands also played well…but his excellent work was often ‘sharked’.

5 thoughts on “Dockers defeat…”

  1. the dockers are actually a second string WC side that are paid to under perform and in so doing keep the real WC off the back page.
    Three cheers for the Shockers, hip hooray, hip hooray, hip hip hooray

  2. Scott….nick off!! The Eagles suck….and now your while family is supporting the Dockers…you had better get with the program….

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