Can Freo fans take this anymore?

My latest article in “The Roar”

During the 2006 season, Fremantle fans had reason to think that their club had come of age. Towards the end of the season, the club won nine games in a row and stormed into the finals…….


5 thoughts on “Can Freo fans take this anymore?”

  1. Like the site, haven’t seen it before

    … the nagging question I have is will the next Freo generation be just as lame as the current crop of 3-7 yr players??

    I’m heading back to to the WAFL for 2009 – go subi!

  2. I am one of those rare animals with a foot in both camps, a WCE supporter since inception, but a staunch S.Frem supporter since knee high. Had Woosha and Suma gone to Freo (to coach) I would have jumped ship.

    I genuinely lamented Freo’s showing during the St. Kilda game, and I feel for Harv’s and the players.

    I would make a prediction: don’t write Freo off just yet; they’ll probably give the Eagles a pasting in two weeks…

    The season’s a long one; there only one good game away.

    Carn Freo! (But not in two weeks.)

  3. lol, it was a good article and good that you can find some positives… Must’ve been hard.

    btw if you ever feel like writing for, your also welcomed 😀

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