Media Beat up on Dockers again

Seriously…..this is an unbelievable beat up.
Malaxos said this… that the young Dockers were playing a prank with ‘sort of Ku Klux’ costumes…
now we all know this…
Dockers prank taken out of context

what a beat up!!
Here is the photo…
no Ku klux costumes there…

8 thoughts on “Media Beat up on Dockers again”

  1. Can’t blame the media for this one. This one – photo and all – came from within.

    And just as well marijuana use is all but de-criminalised for your boys otherwise they’d be as druggo as the mob down the road. Bong on Freo!


  2. It’s not the media’s fault that your own staff member described them as “Klu Klux Klan” (sic) outfits. And if they had been Klan outfits, it would have been dodgy for them not to have given it press.

  3. yeah linking anything with the KKK is just dumb, of course the media will jump on it.

    The photo was only released after the media storm wasn’t it? so u can’t blame the media for thinking it was much worse when you’ve got someone saying players are running around kind of like the KKK.

    I thought the media had closed it all up well once the truth was actually released though.

  4. In regard to the Bong thing…I think some of you are looking for something which is not there….thanks to Channel Sevens rubbish reporting…

    and yes…Malaxos said something stupid…but it was a firestorm before the media had checked its facts.

  5. I’m just taken aback at how lame these Freo players do humour and pranks:) That is embarassing rather than offensive. I think its time to appoint a Spare Time Coach to educate footballers of all codes in what to do in your spare time other than get drunk. There doesn’t appear to be too much imagination…

    By the way Mark, we are loving watching this all!

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