His face just lit up…or how to connect to the Aussie male

There is a bloke who brings his kids along to our childrens programs….
He shares work with his wife…and he looks after the kids at times during the week.

Lovely guy…but not easy to talk to.
A couple of weeks ago we caught up at one of our church’s community events, and I just prayed that I might be able to talk to him…about something, anything…connect somehow.

Somehow…I dont really know how, we started to talk about his footy team, the Swans. Turns out he is a passionate Swans supporter. We had a good laugh about the 2005 GF…and for the first time ever, his face just lit up…and we had a connection.

How to connect with the ‘religious/spiritual’ nature of the average Aussie male? You need to not only be able to talk about sport, but to really have a passion for it.
We can’t be like some Indian Call centre worker briefed in the local lingo so as to make some sort of false connection with the caller. We have to resonate with our local culture…in a real way.

I am not saying that ‘sport’ is the only way. Another friend I have could not care less about sport, he is into his art and music. So that is something I can connect with him about, another guy loves his coffee….

Either way, in making and keeping friendships, we have to make connections with people.

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