Chris Tarrant

Rapidly becoming a crowd favourite with the Freo faithful. Came off to warm applause, and encouraging words….
Harvey has put him down back in an inspired move. Interestingly Harvey himself started off as a forward, but ended his career as a backman.

Tarrant seems a lot happier down back. It enables him to be the team man that he is. Grover and Tarrant have been two reasons why teams have not been able to get a massive run on us lately, along with Steven Dodd.

But Tarrant in particular has given us flexibility, allowing McPharlin to go forward when needed.
So good to see him punching the ball away, beating the defender to best position, and generally making them look ordinary.

Leigh Matthews agrees….

2 thoughts on “Chris Tarrant”

  1. It has been a great move by Harvey. I think I heard in the commentry the other day that it is the first time Buddy would have played on someone who has kicked more goals that him! That experience of being a forward would be invaluable.

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