Too boo or not to boo

That is the question.
And the person?
Ben Cousins.

For the affirmative
1. He used to play for West Coast
2. He now plays for Richmond
3. He is impossibly talented and good looking
4. If we don’t boo him, he wont know how to react

For the negative
1. He no longer plays for West Coast
2. He has (self inflicted or not) had a rough trot
3. His coach is about to get sacked

I will leave it with my readers…to boo or not?

10 thoughts on “Too boo or not to boo”

  1. I personally don’t boo anyone other than players who have done something dirty in the game. And the umpires. But I think you’re probably going to.

  2. Did you end up booing???

    We were in the middle of the Richmond fans and whenever he got the ball they were cheering loudly for him. We didn’t realise that anyone was booing him until we heard about it on the radio on the way home!

  3. Dave….the booing was loud…and unfortunately often…as Ben had the ball as much as anyone…and was probably best on ground…
    I dont blame him for giving the bird either…they should not have cameras in the changerooms…and should just give the guy some space.

  4. I think he’s stupid for flipping the bird, but it’s just downright irresponsible for Channel Ten to put on footage that has no purpose but to manufacture a controversy. If it’s as offensive as they went on to make it out: then they should have left it on the cutting room floor.

  5. I agree Mark. I am not a big fan of the change room cameras either. Some areas of sport need to be sacred and don’t need ca,eras.

    I also agree with Geoff. I think the director should have switched to another camera. He chose to stay of that feed from that camera.

  6. The 'bird' was delivered two hours before the game: nothing to do with being booed.

    TV rights money is the AFL's hugest source of income. Millions of dollars – which effectively pays the players' salaries. Hence the cameras in change rooms – which have been there for years now, and which would be in the players' and officials' contracts. So the TV stations have every right to exploit the footage.

    Cuzzy's getting what he asks for – he obviously has some self-destructive/arrogant streak.

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