Well thats our finals chances gone

Thanks to a fired up Richmond…and an insipid third quarter.

Fremantle at times played on…and kicked to teamates.
Unfortunately at other times they were playing it safe…and not playing with confidence.
If they had pinched the win, as they almost did, while it would have been nice, they would not have deserved it.
Richmond tried hard all night, and with Freo missing too many good players, the Tigers deserved the win.

I do like what Harvey is doing though. Experimenting, playing all the young players.
Lets hope Palmer gets back fit and firing next year, and with our new players like Hill and Mayne back…we do have a lot to look forward too.

2 thoughts on “Well thats our finals chances gone”

  1. So we’ve had a competition to see who the bigger head-case is: and it turns out the Dockers win. Seriously though – it’s pretty hard to win when you’ve got to send out an injured player because there’s no bench space left. Very lucky to sneak that one through.

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