Relationships…so important…

Who remembers the infamous incident when Brad Hardie threw his jumper off…one day playing for Footscray…when Mick Malthouse dragged him.
Now Mick has brought out his best team from Footscray, West Coast and Collingwood.
Brad, despite being a Brownlow Medalist, and one of the best pocket players…ever…did not make the list.

It is pretty obvious that Brad was not included because Mick does not like him.

Brad does not like Mick, and let the world know it on 6peagle last night.

Bitterness, unforgiveness….lack of communication.
It makes us unhappy…it does not help anyone, it causes us to stew and foster bad thoughts and feelings….

Forgiveness…such a better option…for everyone.

One thought on “Relationships…so important…”

  1. Yeh both have behaved like idiots and bitter old has beens. Saw Malthouse's team and there are a few that should have been included that where not.

    Bitterness actually can cause cancer & athrites as it realises enzimes that errodes and attacks the bones.

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