Driscoll is preaching at the Crystal Cathedral

With Schuller now bringing in guest speakers every week to the Crystal Cathedral, the guest speaker this week is straight talker ‘Mark Driscoll’.

I think the most interesting aspect of this is not what Mark will say, nor how the predonimantly senior congregation might cope with the cussing, direct language and content of Driscoll’s message…but what Mark will wear in the almost entirely suit wearing church….

4 thoughts on “Driscoll is preaching at the Crystal Cathedral”

  1. The most interesting thing is that a truck load of those folks there might actually hear the gospel for the first time since that Church opened. It might even break out in revival!

  2. Well spotted! Will watch with interest. Does this mean you closely follow podcasts at Crystal Cathedral?!!!

  3. servus – ever been there???

    I heard the gospel preached magnificently there in 2000 on my one & only visit PLUS it is one of the most inspiring church campuses in USA

  4. PLUS buses rocked up to drop off tourists who attended a service – some of whom were obviously unchurched!

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