Spending some time down at Triggs

Spent some time down Triggs Beach this morning, praying, reading, meditating…interceeding.

I find it amazing what the ocean does for my soul.
Being a Triggs boy from a young age must help. Endless summer dragging my surfboard through the bush to the surf, wagging Friday afternoons to get down there, often by myself.

But there is something else, something which helps me connect and experience the presence, purpose and voice of God, as I did this morning.

Let me share something else, something a little weird. There I was for about an hour or so, praying, reading my bible, singing..and then doing some serious interceeding. I did not see one person, not surfing, walking past…nothing.

Then, the minute I said, thank you God, and got ready to go, there was like this flood of people, two young blokes came out of nowhere on their boogie boards, a bloke ran past getting swooped by two seagulls (weird!) and 3 ladies jogged past. It was like God said, okay, you have spent some time with me, now I will give the beach back to the public. Weird I know, and I am not reading too much into it, but it happened…just like that.

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  1. There's something about beaches…dunno what it is….but reading that I just wish we didn't live 2 hours inland. Not saying that everyone has to go to a beach to spend time with God but there is something special about it.

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