Fremantle Dockers tough it out in the rain tonight

It was just like the old days tonight. A very small crowd, 22, 000, a young Freo side, with no real stars, and an expected defeat….In a strange way I enjoyed it! 🙂
Melinda and I sat in pouring pouring rain and had a great time together.

We were not expected to win, but the young under ’20s Freo side played well in appalling conditions. After last weeks effort, it was a honest performance against a side which was physically bigger, expected to be a Finals contender, who flogged Geelong last week.

I tell you, and this may not have come through on the TV, every time Tarrant went off, the Lions scored. in the third quarter when they scored a flurry of match winning goals, Chris was injured. In the fourth when he went off again, they clinched the game.
I think he deserves all australian selection for two reasons. He is consistently beating, pansting, the best forwards from other clubs. Secondly, he is doing it in a side in which the ball is travelling through the midfield with a lot more ease than other more fancied clubs.

Finally, the umpiring tonight was awful….so inconsistent, those around me were actually laughing at how bad it was.

Great game though by Freo….we do have good times ahead.

One thought on “Fremantle Dockers tough it out in the rain tonight”

  1. Yep noticed the Tarrant Off Goals Scored equation & even thru the mist of a receding migraine I did think the umps were woefully inconsistent.

    I doubt they respect us – who can blame them really!?!?! It's all very sad!!

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