Very stormy in Perth last night, hail, heavy heavy rain, squally winds.
Got up this morning and my biggest inconvenience was clearing away a few branches, calming the cat and convincing number one son to come in and stop throwing hail at his sister.

Warm day inside the house, a lovely coffee made on my machine, some fresh bread rolls, and the kids enjoying their last day of school holidays while I catch up with some grant applications we have put in for some events we are running.

Thats it. The biggest problem I have at the moment is my ‘shaped’ internet access at home, and what I am going to make the kids for lunch.

So many people around the world with so little, we are so blessed. As I was sharing with my 5 year old daughter yesterday as she noticed some homeless folk near the community centre, we cant help them all, but we can help some, and we do. But we also must appreciate what we have, we are so blessed, so blessed, so fortunate.

3 thoughts on “Storms”

  1. mmmmmm Ruby may have differed!
    he has decided to go jump on the trampoline amongst the hail and rain at the moment, lucky mum is not home!

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