Why is it that churches attract all the nutbags?
Someone told me this blog attracts a lot of nutbags….they are probably right, you are reading this aren’t you???? 🙂 And I am at times the nuttiest of the lot!!!!

Maybe its because thats the job of the church, to attract all those that can’t find a home somewhere else. To attract those who others have labelled and written off.

5 thoughts on “Nutbags”

  1. Because the church is the worlds safety net! Where else would loosers and the down and troden be excepted as they are???

  2. Who are you calling a nutbag? 😉

    Nah seriously my mum (who isn't Christian) used to say that churches are crutches for those who can't/won't help themselves. She meant it in a critical/derogatory way but sometimes this can be true. Christians acknowledge that they can't help themselves and therefore need a Saviour.

  3. They have a point. All those Dockers supporters. It's scary.

    But seriously, humanism, which has to believe that everyone has the ability to make something of their life, doesn't really have a place for the weak, or the humble. Ironically, it's in becoming small that we become great! 'Fortunate are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.'

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