Mark Sayers

I attended a Vose Leadership event this morning with Mark Sayers as the presenter.

A insightful, helpful, useful presentation on the issues facing contemporary Christians and Churches in reaching non-church folk missionally.

Some of the key points Mark raised where….

Superflat Culture
1 Disenchanted
2 Post covenantal
3 Meism

Now…there is no place for discussion
How do you have influence in a world that is disenchanted?
One thing to do is to call gods what they are, futile, and to point people to the ONE TRUE God
There is a culture of belief in Australia…but they dont come to church
People have forgtten where their christian beliefs come from
Anything that requires us to give up of selves…is struggling…states have grown…meta has grown..individual has grown…communal covenantal has got smaller
Commitment phobia
Life as mobile phone contract, Not as long term promise

Meism is…..
Meism is the new religion, Defacto faith, Purpose of life is personal happiness, God is a cosmic butler, Morality is not hurting others, Everyone gets to heaven bar hitler, Feelings are paramount

Whats not hot
Sin and broader consequence
Submission of self
Interventionalist God
What does mission look like is a disenchanted culture?
In a post covenantal culture?
For a church infected by Meism?

Mark did not provide any answers, or solutions to the problems faced. But it was really helpful to understand a little more what the problems we face are.

6 thoughts on “Mark Sayers”

  1. Yeah look I could give you some answers here but I'm just not motivated at the moment and after all, what's in it for me?

  2. You went and heard a Forge guy?????

    You're talking about getting an Apple, something's happening here Mark.

  3. Your right Gareth, Forge is changing ang getting a lot better. Hopefully they will continue down that path. 🙂

  4. Hmmm Makes you think, doesn't it!
    In fact the event itself was a Forge event that I invited Vose to join us in. Even the head of the Baptist Union of WA attended a Forge event with Mark Sayers! Things ARE changing in the West 🙂

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