A Husband goes on strike

Deary deary me, anyone know a good marriage counsellor?

James writes this on his blog,

“Even though our two month old daughter refuses to sleep without my wife holding her, and my two year son won’t even attempt to sleep without his pacifier, my wife still refuses to take my advice about how to fix these problems before they start to bring even more stress into our marriage.After begging and pleading with my wife (because I adore and love her dearly) to stop spoiling our children and ignoring my feelings, I’ve decided enough is enough.So I went on strike — and moved to the roof of our home.This is my last-ditch effort!”

3 thoughts on “A Husband goes on strike”

  1. If his last ditch effort to fix his marriage and to tell the world what he thinks his wife is doing wrong, I think he’s already lost the battle.

    How do you come back from that? How do you begin to recreate trust between two people after such a stunt?

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