One man’s trash

During our first move, from our home of 5 years to the rental, we got rid of a lot of stuff. About three trailer loads actually. I’m not exagerating. Three trips up Red Hill with a fully loaded heavy trailer, being towed by my 1.6 litre Vitara.
My son wanted to know what the ‘funny smell is daddy?”.
I told him the engine and gearbox were not happy about working so hard.

Well this move we had a few things surplus to our needs. Some we managed to give to a good home, another couple, no one wanted, which was fair enough considering their condition. Namely a desk with no drawers and a very wobbly side. As well a baby’s high chair which had seen much better days. In fact I had got some gaffa tape onto the ripped chair, and my children (both of them) had stuffed weeties, vegemite toast and other such gourmet delights down the side of the seat.

Anyways, there was only these two things so I did what most residents tend to do, I stuck them on the verge.

They had been there for about 24 hours, and I was contemplating taking them up Red Hill when a marvellous thing happened. I came back from taking the kids down the park and they were gone. Mysteriously, wonderfully, conveniently gone.

Somewhere in suburbia someone is sitting at a desk which is about to topple over while their child is discovering 6 year old fruit toast ends.

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