Speaking on Bono this week….

“But of course the criticism of Bono is that he is an extremely wealthy rock star, and U2 put on incredibly expensive rock concerts.
And you know what I am not here to defend him or portray him as some sort of saint, he is not.
He swears, he drinks, he smokes cigars…and he does not go to church every Sunday….and I am sure he has wasted a lot of money that could go somewhere better.
For me though, my interpretation of that is, that everyone of us lives in this world, where nothing is perfect, and no one is equal…
Compared to some child with nothing coming across the ocean on some rickety boat fleeing from Sri Lanka, I am a wealthy wealthy person, and so are most of us here today.
Bono will have to stand before God for the wealth he has….so will I…
But at this point, to be frank, he has done more for the poor in the world than I ever have, or probably ever will….so I am not judging him, but his faith in Jesus has galvinised him into action……”

to hear the rest, see you at Inglewood Church this Sunday, or come back here Tuesday and I will have uploaded the audio…..

6 thoughts on “Speaking on Bono this week….”

  1. You will give account to God for what you proclaim in his name. You have the attention of God's people for 30 minutes. Preach Christ!

  2. And you will give account for writing immature comments on blogs of pastors you dont even know about, of churches you know nothing about and situations you know nothing about.
    Please dont comment here anymore.

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