Who do you recieve it from?

Let me tell you who I seek it from.

Friends, fellow pastors who I know
Those who have my best interests at heart
People I trust.
I seek it out, I ask people to speak into my life.

Who do I not recieve it from?
People I don’t know
Young bloggers who think they know everything…I dont blame them, I used to be young idealistic, and even a little fundamental!
People who send me laughable comments with no idea who I am, the arrogance of it makes you laugh!

As I was sharing this morning from the scriptures I shared with people that as you choose to lead, and be a leader, people will try and criticise you. People love criticising things they don’t know. I encourage you…if you are leading, you need to learn to laugh at some of the absurd things people say…because some it is so immature and misinformed….

4 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. People I don't know
    Young bloggers who think they know everything…I dont blame them, I used to be young idealistic, and even a little fundamental!

    Hmmm was this comment referring to some recent comments on one of your posts? (BTW where they young?)

    Anyway…I agree 🙂 I think who we let speak into our lives is definitely an issue for everyone, not just pastors. I find it difficult as a young person when older people think being older automatically gives them the right to criticise but their own lives are not bearing good fruit.

  2. I try to be respectful to everyone, but there comes a point when you just cant be bothered…

    Some of the most disrespectful people I have encountered, the most arrogant…have been seniors!

    but of course I am far from perfect, and I remember how argumentative and idealistic I was when I was in my 20…

    and I am really sick of those who see themselves as having the right to unintelligently criticise pastors they have never met, and situations they know nothing about…and its my blog! 🙂

  3. FWIW, I think if you only want the input of those who know you and who you respect, why have an open blog at all? Blogs are for everyone to read and comment on…
    Remembering, of course, God sometimes uses the foolish things in this world to confound the wise…

  4. I have comments open on my blog with this clearly stated policy…
    "Expect the following…..
    Overt criticism of churches and pastors to be deleted…"
    there are plenty of blogs you can go on to criticise and critique those who are giving their lives for ministry…this is not one of them.
    I do enjoy getting comments, who would not…but for the last time… I will not be told what to preach on, and what not to preach on by someone from across the country who I have never met, who does not know me, and who displays distinctive characteristics.
    I dont want to talk about this anymore! 🙂

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