Some observations….

There are all types of people at funerals. Business people, goths, mums, kids, sporty types, gymn junkies…seriously…funerals dont discriminate, on those who are observing, and those in the casket, everyone ends up at one, either a family member, friend, aquaitance…or their own…eventually.

Two of the saddest types of funerals, and I have been at both, are those for kids, or for someone who is a parent and has taken their own life. (There are many other sad types, but I have experienced both recently)

Both leave you with the sense that potential, hope…has been taken away from a family.

2 thoughts on “Funerals”

  1. Been beaten up Mark? Must be due to the Mighty Mens conference just around the corner…

    We got the same with Harvest Time 09.

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