New Layout

Probably not perfect yet, but I like it….

10 thoughts on “New Layout”

  1. Yeah, I like it! Feels cleaner and better organised. Well done! Only downside is the terrible 'anchor' on the right…but I'd expect nothing less 😉

  2. I like it too Mark. Nice colours and easy to read. Like the integration with the church stuff too. Did you build it from scratch?

  3. I butchered minima for the functional aspects…and made up my own design in photosphop.

    I did have an 'eagles suck' badge as well…but thought better of putting that on….hahahah!

  4. Prob the only thing I miss about blog spot is how easy it is to design your own template (or modify a pre-existing one). WordPress is not so easy!

  5. Clean interface very nice, I reckon your main column could be a few cm wider – feels a bit like 4:3 tv on a 16:9 screen!

    And time for a new profile pic I think – preferably in dockers gear!

    And put up the eagles suck badge!!!

  6. It's easy to design your own template with Blogspot? Now I feel very technologically-challenged! I'll have to buy HTML For Dummies 🙁

  7. mmm….I dont think its easy Sarah… to be frank!

    You can redo basic things like colour and fonts…but doing what I have done requried very good use of photoshop..

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