Last nights Concert

Big effort yesterday.
Well worth it as we saw about 80-100 non church people involved and about 60 of our own folk there.
It was probably not as big a crowd as we would have liked, but the weather and Osborne Park show may have conspired against us.

Positives: Band sounded awesome, Micks music was given the appropriate and deserved treatment.

60 – 100 people heard many times about the message of Christ. You cannot put a value on this. As Alf reminded us on Sunday morning, God’s word does not return void, and if one person moves closer to God, its well worth it.

I heard about a number of our church folk talking to different people in the crowd, a special thanks to Bev and Melinda and Sandy, and others, who got around and spoke to heaps of folk and made friends.

A big thanks to Paul Ahearn, your hard work is appreciated.

But most of all to Eliot, who brought the band together in what was at times trying circumstances.

Lets pray and think about where God is taking us next.

One thought on “Last nights Concert”

  1. Hey Mark,

    Glad it came together so well for you. It’s always nice to have a crowd, but you definitely want ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’. I’m sure God moved in people’s hearts.

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