Christmas is almost here

Really busy and my mind is full of issues and opportunities, so I have not given much thought space to Christmas.
But I am looking forward to it.

Here is what we are doing at Inglewood Church.

Christmas Eve Children’s Service 6.30 to 7.30pm

This service is particularly tailored for children and will include Christmas items from our various children’s groups, including Toddler Jam, carols, and a short devotion.

If your child has asked you about the true meaning behind Christmas, you might enjoy bringing them along to this fun night. We guarantee that if you need to leave, the service will be over by 7.30pm at the latest. This will give you time to go home, make the bikes, put out some carrots for the reindeer, and prepare for the early morning onslaught!

Family Christmas Day Service 9am to 10am

This service is for everyone to enjoy, including families. It will include carols, songs, items and a short devotion on Christmas.

If you feel that Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family, to the full, this short service will be a great way to start the day. Once again, we honour your time and guarantee the service will run from 9am to 10am sharp. This will give you time to check the roast, put the ice in the sink, and prepare for the onslaught of relatives and freeloaders.

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