More churches…more pastors…should be doing this….


How many people/bloggers are there out there that are wasting their time posting blogs and comments on what pastors, and what churches should be doing….
‘churches should be focusing on….., Pastors should be focusing on…..’

Seriously…get a life!

If you are a Christian…you are the church!
If you are a Christian…you are a minister!

Stop focusing on what someone else should be doing, and start focusing on what Jesus wants you to do!

What Jesus wants you to do may very well be an exciting, life transforming, redemptive ministry!

In fact, I am sure it is what He wants you to do.

Posting a blog post on the ills of this minister or that church, chances are that the person you are posting about will never read it, and if they do…they wont change! And why should they? Because you said so?

Huh! Most of my good friends who are pastors are too busy doing ministry to be worried about your blog post…. so get on with it…Christ has a plan for your life, and it does not involve telling others what they should be doing, it involves you serving Christ!

Blessings and peace to all…and honestly this is not directed at any one individual, it is for us all, the Body of Christ, myself included…to apply.

3 thoughts on “More churches…more pastors…should be doing this….”

  1. Maybe if more people applied this post to their lives there'd be less church-hopping and shopping going on, particularly in cities where there is so much choice.

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