Christmas…done and dusted

At Inglewood Church we had a seriously good Christmas

Christmas Eve saw a huge crowd crammed into the Community Centre for our Childrens service.
Well over half the crowd was non-churched, which is awesome.

Christmas Day was packed as well, with more of a trad feel, more of our own folk, but a lot of visitors as well…

It left me drained…emotionally, physically etc.

Christmas day we had a big lunch, with my wife kicking up a massive food extravanganza. The highlight was the warm fat plump olives drenched in her own olive oil based herb dressing, and lightly pan fried Chorizo sausage, also in olive oil and herb dressing…
Afterwards we headed over to the brother in laws pool and had a massive water pistol fight. We slept in a tent in the backyard…and I was officially wasted….no energy left at all!

Good times…roll on 2010

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