Did the Emerging Church die in 2009?

So thinks one of the foremost authorities on it, Andrew Jones (TSK)
“In my opinion, 2009 marks the year when the emerging church suddenly and decisively ceased to be a radical and controversial movement in global Christianity.”

One of the factors Andrew did not talk about was the demise of Forge here in Australia. Which occured in 2009.
Forge Demise

Andrew has this view on EC.
“In many places around the world, the movement has already been either adopted, adapted, or made redundant through the traditional church catching up or duplicating EC efforts” (Andrew)

Forges own webpage expressed a similar sentiment, but it appears the page is now down.

From my own perspective and own church life, Forge and the Emerging Church have had no impact in a positive sense on my mission. Being a natural evangelist, and a passionate advocate of an ‘outward’ focused church, we consider ourselves to be a missional church, in the sense that we are seeking to grow through people coming to faith. We are not a ‘cosy’ little bible study group.
This has not come without cost, as our church has had to transition to this. But this had not been through Forge or EC influences, rather people like Borden, who advocated painful church transition, rather than rejection of the establised church, which at its worst, the EC did seemingly promote. The Churches in WA which had seen and implemented radical transformation, and an outward focus, are missional, growing churches…Churches actually doing mission in their community.

However I am not here to judge their efforts, as someone a lot wiser than myself said, “But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”
Besides…what was the Emerging Church anyway? I don’t think anyone really knew…as Murry states, “Emerging churches are so disparate there are exceptions to any generalisations. Most are too new and too fluid to clarify, let alone assess their significance. There is no consensus yet about what language to use: ‘new ways of being church’; ’emerging church’; ‘fresh expressions of church’; ‘future church’; ‘church next’; or ‘the coming church’. The terminology used here contrasts ‘inherited’ and ’emerging’ churches”

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