Robert Ferguson

Went to Riverview Small Group Leaders Training on Wednesday Night.
Robert Ferguson is over, and he took the session on Leadership Skills.
It was great for them to bring him over, and offer it free of charge to the wider church community.

Some of what he shared…..
You must not overlook what God has called you to oversee Jesus died…compassion…returned for His flock
Esther said, if I perish I perish…give your life for your flock Lives for His flock
What 7 things we need to oversee?
Oversee our care Oversee our attitudes Oversee our finances Oversee our life…an example
Do people aspire to be like you?
If everyone in the church gave like you..what would that be like?
Are you attracting a good response from your non church neighbours?
Our gifts Gods gift says nothing about you…but everything about Him
Our team…not Lording it over people Mat 23.12
Stop letting your problems get in the way of your oversight Put your problems at the bottom of the list

The Good Shepherd
Helping people is messy Ps 78.70-72
Shephers were associated with the patriachs Fundamental to the understaning of the nation I am the good shepherd I am standing with the patriachs
I know the pain the struggle the harvest Shepherds were recognised as leaders Hareuveni dessert and shepherd in our biblical heritage
We like to be in awe We like to be small in comparison to our landscape We want to know that not everything has an answer
God took the people into a dessert because there is nothing else to worship sense of awe If you are a shepherd your livelihood is dependant upon the seasons
Desserts were monotheistic places They were despised by farmers.if you come out of the wilderness to the wont be liked
If you want to be populare dont be a Christian John 10.11 Neh 9.25
Backwards and forwards
God wants us to be blessed but as soon as He does..we forget about Him
Mageddo rebuilt 18 times
You need to learn the skill of confrontation
In and Out Num 27.15
Lead people to safety and then out to discover and explore In to protection and out to provision If you are only safe..that will not be a fulfilled life
Give and Take skill of grace Acts 13.22
Your heart is a pump…it gives and recieves
Up and down Ez 34.2
What are your responsibilities Search for the lost Pastor needs to be key evangelist Jay adams shepherding Gods flock 1974
I spoke with him afterwards, and he asked me…what did you get out of it?
Which I thought was very nice of him to do!
I shared with him that what I found most stimulating was his challenge to Pastors that they need to lead people home, but also set them back into the world to take risks.

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