Inglewood Church AGM Reflections 2010

We have come a long way as a church.
The positive, friendly and good spirit in our AGM was so refreshing.
(It has not always been that way)

But God has really transformed us, and brought us a long way.
A lot of what I shared tonight was ‘inhouse’, but here is some of what I am comfortable posting here.

2008 was a momentous year in the life of our church

2009 was a time of harvest, growth and sustained ministry

Started off 2009 with an average of 45 children in our Sunday Jam Ministry We now have over 120 kids on our books, with an average attendance of approximately 80 kids.

Creche is going through another mini boom, Comets averages about 15 kids, Jets has now split into two groups, and the Sync Group is establishing itself for growth as well, with about 4-6 teenagers now regularly attending.

This year has seen our church grow in numbers, with average attendance increasing dramatically to the point where now we are outgrowing our present facility.

Our worship team has seen a great increase in numbers of people attending, and in their sense of community, and passion for worship. Pastor Eliot has skilfully led our team in their love for each other and worship of God.

Our worship time together on Sunday is contemporary, family focused, fun and at times intense.

Toddler Jam is now being ably led by Sandy Vlatko and Quentin. This year we have held our second conference, with 11 churches from all over our state attending a time of encouragement and blessing.

Small groups have also grown this year. Pastor Eliot is now leading this ministry and has met with the small groups on a regular basis this year for encouragement, prayer and resourcing.

Visibility has been a key factor in our growth, and the website has been the main point of call for most of our visitors. It is regularly updated and maintained.

Thank you God for all You have done….

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