Brian Winslade Learning from Failure

Really enjoyed the annual Baptist Pastors Conference

Our speaker this year was Brian Winslade, the National Baptist Union Director.
Brian had some great things to say over the three days that we enjoyed in Mandurah.

1st up he spoke about Church history, how the church was known as the place where love was found, love and charity. He gave some really interesting examples of how the early church of the first 400 years was known as the place where even if society saw you as ‘untouchable’, the church would care for you. Baby girls, because of their gender, were left to die. The church cared for them. People with plagues and diseases were abandoned, the church cared for them.

2ndly he spoke about leadership within the church. In my words, he called us to the radical middle. Where Pastors lead with grace and persuasion and love, and church people love and respect their leaders, and allow them to lead.

Lastly he spoke about learning from failure. Brian spoke about some of his own failures, and how he learnt some serious life long lessons from them. He is a confident and articulate and humorous speaker. But as he explained, natural talent is no substitute for integrity, character and Gods empowerment.

Really enjoyed my time away, catching up with old and new friends, enjoying some time away with my wife, and spiritual refreshment.

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