I am loving my new Mac

Well a few months in and my Mac Book Pro 13″ has exceeded all my expectations.
I have become what I used to mock, a Apple Evangelist.

Everything just works.
No annoying popups, no asking me if I am really sure I want to do something.

I have come to understand that the basic difference between Mac and PC is that in the PC world, they design the computer around themselves. It is really about them as a company, not you.

The Mac philosophy is that it is about the end user, and what they want.
Truly, until you start to use one, you don’t realise how hard PC makes everything.
Even peripherals that are designed for PC, I have found, work better on my Mac.
Everything syncs up, everything works.

I recently got Macs version of Office, Iwork. The extraordinary thing about it, apart from the fact that it is intiutive and so much better than office, is that it is compatible with Office! If someone sends me a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document, it seamlessly imports them, and then exports them! It actually makes working with documents someone sends me with more ease than a’native’ machine! Incredible.

As well as that, the design and feel of it is just so nice.
I recently was given a ‘Magic Mouse’ for it, and that too is just so nice to use.

I aint ever going back baby!!!!!

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